Freelance integration
with blockchain

The freelancing job is the one where persons works for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed, blockchain integration will greatly help in managing the activities of freelancers effectively.

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Real world E-Commerce
and freelancing with blockchain solutions

HZDeal is the most important part of the HZD project ecosystem, this is the blockchain based online marketplace where one can buy and sell goods using the HZDCoin and other cryptocurrencies, hence called (HZDeal Marketplace)

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Benefits of Using Our Solution

Read Time Update

Users will get updates on all level of development and highly transparent activites.

Cloud Based

All activities will be saved on a cloud, where users can access any time to track the records.

Advanced Analytics

users can be able to view the real time graphical analytics available in a highly advanced manners.

Convenience and trust

Many induviduals are looking for a place to invest their money safely to be earning passively, but it cost a lot of earning concerning the issue of trust as a result of high increase in scams and untrusted investments startups. Here we bring a place where you can have a rest of mind.

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain has made it alot easier for one to be able to able to secure their finances. The HZD Ecosystem will carry out all it's activities on Blockchain integration to maximise user security.

Token Information

HZD Ecosystem is made up by 2 blockchains ( the BSC Chain and the TRC20)

Name: HorizonDollar
Ticket: HZD
Platform: TRC20 and BEP20
Supply: 5B